COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

YWAM Queenstown

15 June 2020
Update on July programs

New Zealand has now moved to level 1 and the country is operating almost back to normal with minimal restrictions. However strict border controls are still in place so international travellers cannot currently come to NZ and there is no word on when borders will reopen to non-New Zealanders.

The School of Worship (SOW) is confirmed as going to run. There are still places available for people currently in New Zealand who wish to register (must have previously completed a DTS anywhere in the world).

Unfortunately we have to cancel the July Discipleship Training School (DTS) programs for this year. Our team have been in contact with registered students about their options, if you are affected please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.

All other programs scheduled for September, October, January and beyond, we hope to run as planned, and we will provide updates for international participants as the NZ government communicate plans for reopening the border.

1 June 2020

The New Zealand lockdown has now moved to level 2, so the base is now able to operate again, with some adaptations to our activities, plus increased health & safety measures, as well as contact tracing, in place.

The Discipleship Bible School is thankful to be together again at the base instead of in their bubbles over Zoom.

Our usual scheduled activities have some changes currently, especially those that require interaction in groups or with the public. We are not doing our normal community evangelism or coffee outreaches at present, instead we have increased opportunities to partner with local charities, churches and organisations providing support to those in need in our Queenstown community.

We do ask that non-expected visitors refrain from coming to the Base or to any YWAM housing at present. Visitors need to be approved by a member of the leadership team. Tradies and deliveries are excepted, please sign in at the front entrance.
Unfortunately meals, as well as worship and intercession times, are currently only available to our YWAM Queenstown community (including guest speakers), we cannot facilitate other guests or the wider Queenstown community at present. Thank you for your understanding.

Future programs:

Please note we are currently planning to run all schools as scheduled this year on our website. We are waiting for an announcement on the border situation from the NZ government, which will hopefully assist us with planning how participants from overseas will be affected.

Overseas participants are welcome to apply for upcoming schools but we do not recommend booking any non refundable flights at this stage.

DTS and relevant second level schools will still have an outreach phase although this is likely to look a bit different from usual and may be impacted by travel restrictions.

We will provide further updates on upcoming schools as and when the NZ government provides information on plans for the NZ border.

Calling all Kiwis and Australians

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all Kiwis and Australians about our Southern Cross Scholarship.

Transferring applications: If you have a place on a training program at a YWAM ministry that has now been cancelled, or you are unable to travel to your original location, and you now want to apply to YWAM Queenstown, we will process transferred applications so you do not need to redo a whole new application process. Contact us through the contact form so we are aware of your intention to apply, ​and also ask the registrar from that centre to send us your complete application. We will then request any additional info we need from you, and then process and pray over your application.

(Please note, as we are separate to any other centre that provides YWAM training, we cannot request your private data from them, so you will be responsible for chasing this. Note that some YWAM centres in some locations have closed temporarily so it may be faster to complete a new application if this is the case).