What is a DTS?

A Discipleship Training School, or DTS, is an intensive program designed to strengthen your relationship with God, give you a deeper understanding of the Bible, and bring you to the nations to experience international missions firsthand. You will grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically as you join with other young people in discovering the true fullness that life has to offer.

A Discipleship Training School is made up of two parts:
A 12 week Lecture Phase in New Zealand
A 10 week cross-cultural overseas Outreach
An opened book ready to be learned from

Lecture Phase

twelve weeks
Queenstown, New Zealand
A lecturer at a podium


Hear from a variety of incredible speakers from our base, New Zealand, and beyond. You will cover topics such as Identity, Hearing God’s Voice, Destiny, and Missions.
Two people talking with each other


Process what you are learning and receive personal mentoring from one of your school leaders. Your One-on-One is there to be a listening ear during the process of DTS.
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Worship & Intercession

Every week we gather together as a base for corporate times of worship and intercession. We love to spend time praising God and praying for the nations.
People learning together around a table

Live/Learn Environment

You will spend the three months living life as part of a close-knit community, alongside your leaders and fellow students, living and learning together.
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God gives us passions for a reason, and every interest is an opportunity to reach a unique group of people. Pursue your passion in dedicated times throughout the week.
A small group of people talking

Small Groups

Discuss what you are learning in more detail with a smaller group of students. Share the revelations you are receiving and hear how God is impacting your fellow students.
Person preaching to a group of people


Go into our local Queenstown community for weekly times of evangelism. Gain boldness in sharing the Gospel as you reach the people who need to hear it!
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Work Duties

While you are receiving from the teachers and leaders, you will also get the chance to pour back into the base by helping in a practical way.
An airplane flying overseas

Outreach Phase

ten weeks
the nations
A passport


Experience missions internationally as you bring what you have learned to the countries and people that need it most. Explore new cultures and meet new people, discovering their unique beauty.
A bible

Bible Distribution

A large percentage of the world's population still doesn’t have access to the Bible in their own language, and we want to change that. Join in the worldwide effort to end Bible poverty by distributing SD cards loaded with God’s word in the local language.
Person preaching to a group of people


Boldly proclaim the name of Jesus in city streets and village churches. Perform skits, share testimonies, and preach to the people you meet in every nation.
A medical bag

Mercy Ministries

Ministry can look very different for each team. Your outreach may include building houses, serving missionaries or local churches, or working on ships that bring medical care to remote islands.