About Second-Level Schools

Your journey doesn’t end at DTS graduation. There are many opportunities to continue to nurture the passion for missions that you developed on DTS through our Second-Level schools! Whether you want to gain confidence in evangelism, understand the Bible in a deeper way, or learn how to live a lifestyle of worship, a Second-Level school is the perfect next step.  

YWAM Queenstown currently offers several Second-Level courses, which you can view below. Each school is marked by incredible teaching, opportunities to deepen your relationship with God, and a wonderful community of students and leaders with similar passions.

The high quality of all our courses at YWAM Queenstown is recognised by the University of the Nations (UofN). At the start of your program, you will have the opportunity to opt-in to receive UofN credits for a successfully completed course. These credits can be applied to a UofN degree program if you choose to study further and are accepted by other institutions. The UofN is not accredited as a university in New Zealand.

Our Current Second Level Schools