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How old do I have to be to come to DTS?

DTS is for anyone 17 years of age or over. However, the majority of DTS students are usually between 18 and 30. There is no upper age limit to attend, but you will need to be in sufficiently good physical health to complete outreach phase.

Do I need to prove my proficiency in English to apply?

If English is not your first language, you do not need an IELTS or other proof of proficiency in order to apply. However, please note that all training run at YWAM Queenstown is in English, and you will have a much deeper learning experience if you can understand what the speakers are saying and can communicate easily with the other students and staff. To that end, we may request further evidence of your proficiency or a telephone interview so we can serve you best throughout the application process. If you already have a foundation in English, DTS can be an excellent opportunity to improve your skills.

What does the housing look like?

Accommodation is dormitory style with shared rooms and bathroom facilities. You will live in community with your fellow students and leaders, learning and growing together. You will also have use of a common kitchen and living space for socialising and preparing meals on the weekends. Due to our live-learn philosophy, students are required to live on base property for the duration of their course.

How many people will I be living with?

Depending on the quarter and size of your school, you may be rooming with anywhere between 1 and 3 other students and sharing common areas with up to 30 people including school leaders and other volunteers.

How do I get to base upon arrival?

Once you are accepted to the school and have booked your travel, we will ask for your flight details so that we can pick you up from the airport and bring you to the base. If you are driving or using public transportation, communicate that to us and we will make sure you get to the right place.

Can I receive mail during DTS?

During lecture phase you can receive mail and packages from back home. Check the footer below for our mailing address (PO Box).

Do I need all my vaccinations/immunizations to submit my application? What if don't know my blood type?

You do not have to have a completed vaccination record or know your blood type to submit your application. If you need time to find that specific information, go ahead and send in your application and then you can send in the remainder of your health information when you have it. However, please bring a copy of your immunization history to DTS as you will need them when preparing to go on outreach.

What if I don't have a passport yet?

You may apply without a current passport; however, we suggest starting the process as early as possible due to processing times and unexpected delays that arise when renewing or applying for a passport. Your current passport must be valid until at least 6 months after the graduation date of your DTS.

When is the application deadline?

There is no official deadline for an application, other than the two days we need to process your completed application. However, we suggest submitting your application at least 2 weeks before the school starts to give yourself time to arrange your travel and prepare for your time here.

Do I need to apply for a visa?

We will walk you through applying for a visa during your application process. If you have any specific questions or concerns you can contact us.

Do I need all three references?

Yes, we ask for all three references to get an understanding of our students from different perspectives; as a student or employee, a member of a church, and as a friend.

What does the schedule look like?

While each quarter’s specific schedule will look slightly different, every DTS’s lecture phase is made up of the same core parts and take place within a live-learn environment. Daily activities include corporate prayer, lectures, meal times at the base, and times of serving (work duties). Each week you will join the rest of the students and volunteers in worship, intercession (prayer), and evangelism. You will also be a part of a small group and bible study, participate in community outreach, spend time preparing for outreach, and receive one-on-one mentoring from one of your leaders.

Do we have any free time?

Free time is scattered throughout the weekly schedule. Some weekends will be used for planned activities with your school or outreach team, but most will be free for you to rest, spend time with your fellow students and leaders, and explore stunning Queenstown. There are cafes to visit, mountains to hike, and plenty of extreme activities for the adrenaline-seekers to be more than satisfied. Check out this website for more ideas!

What should I pack?

We will provide you with a DTS-specific packing list once your school gets closer, or you can check out a general list here.

Who teaches on a DTS?

The teachers we invite to speak on our schools are passionate, engaging, and knowledgeable. They come from a variety of backgrounds and many different ministries, in New Zealand and beyond.  Teachers will occasionally be some of our own volunteers.

Can I come late to DTS?

In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to arrive later than the start date. However, the first week of DTS is packed with important information and is an important time of bonding, so we strongly encourage the entire school to be present from the start.

Can I travel while I'm on my DTS?

We highly suggest taking day trips to explore some of the incredible places around Queenstown. However, you are required to attend all schedule activities, meaning that during lecture phase you will be limited to weekend trips.

Is outreach a requirement?

Outreach is a requirement to graduate a DTS. While Lecture phase can be powerful and transformative on its own, Discipleship Training Schools have been specifically structured to equip and train you, then send you out to practice what you have learned.

Where do we go on outreach?

Your school leaders will pray over options for outreach locations and these will be communicated to you during Lecture phase. Some teams will serve in multiple locations on outreach and others may focus on one location for the whole 2-3 months. YWAM Queenstown has a significant focus on the Pacific and South-East Asia, but we will send teams anywhere in the world that we feel the Lord is calling us to reach.

How are outreach teams decided?

At the beginning of the DTS, you may be asked to pray about the locations and/or teams. However, the final decision will be made by leaders who have also prayed about who should go with each team.

How much extra spending money should I bring?

We suggest bringing enough spending money to cover extra costs such as personal hygiene items, laundry, for spending on snacks or coffee, adventures, or extra activities. We recommend including pocket money in the total amount you are fundraising for.

The outreach cost will include travel, travel insurance, food, accommodation, and visas. It does not cover any immunisations that you still need, or personal equipment such as sleeping bags, mats, and headlamps that you may need to purchase prior to leaving.

How much does DTS cost?

You can find information on the price of DTS on our costs page. That cost includes accommodation, food, school materials, and school activities. Lecture phase is a set cost, but outreach will depend on your team’s location. You will get a final outreach cost during lecture phase. Your travel to and from DTS and any additional visa costs are not included in the DTS total.

Where do I send the money for DTS?

Head over to our payment page for information on how to send money to the base. You can pay by card, bank transfer, or cheque.

How do my supporters donate to me?

Supporters can pay on our website using the Payment page as well. We also encourage you to use your home church, apps like Paypal and Cashapp, or fundraising sites like Gofundme and Facebook. If you would like more advice or have more questions about finances, contact us! We’d love to encourage you and help in any way we can.

Can I still do DTS if I don’t have all my finances?

If you are struggling with finances, reach out to us, as we would love to walk with you through the process by giving you encouragement, resources, and tips. We believe in a God that provides, and we know that He will show up in incredible ways!

What is Queenstown like?

Queenstown is a vibrant ski town and summer destination on the South Island of New Zealand. While only home to about 30,000 residents, our little town hosts 3 million tourists annually! Full of shops and restaurants and right on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is a wonderful place to explore. We are surrounded by incredible nature, particularly the Remarkable mountain range, home to one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. Queenstown is called the “Adventure Capital” of New Zealand due to the number of activities that you can partake in while you’re here. From riding jet boats down canyons to bungee jumping, there’s something here to satisfy even the most extreme of adventure-seekers. Not looking for an adrenaline boost? No worries! Queenstown is the perfect place for casual hiking, frisbee golfing in the park, and cozying up in a coffee shop. There really is something for everyone here!

What is the weather like?

Queenstown is beautiful all year, experiencing crisp, clear winters and warm, sunny summers. Weather can be unpredictable, so we suggest bringing clothes for a range of temperatures. Check here for more detailed information.

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